How to Spot Fake Instagram Followers

The role of social media marketing in the modern business world cannot be ignored. Social media platforms such as Instagram can help your brand reach millions of potential customers. However, how successful you become on Instagram and other platforms depends on a number of factors. For starters, your brand needs to have a strong online presence.

That way, through sharing content, commenting, and liking posts, its visibility is improved. The more your brand is seen by more people the higher the chances of reaching prospects who might have an interest in your products or services. Even so, to have a strong presence, you need to have a large following. That way, you keep engagement levels high and your content is likely going to be shared by your followers.

There are numerous companies such as Skweezer selling, or at least claiming to be selling real Instagram followers. Unfortunately, they are rife, especially in the wake of Instagram’s recent wars against automation and use of bots in their platform. It can be a big boost to your business if you can indeed buy real followers.

Sadly, some of these companies promise real followers but end up delivering fake accounts. So, how do you differentiate between real and fake followers? Read on for tips to help you identify fake Instagram followers.

Suspicious Profiles

The easiest way to spot a fake account is if the profile photo is missing or the photo uploaded has an obvious link. At other times, a fake account may have a photo but very little or no bio information. In any case, why would anyone waste their time drafting an attractive bio on a fake account? You can even find the bio hidden by the user, making it even harder for you to evaluate the profile. Hence, always be on the lookout for such red flags to enable you to identify fake followers.

Irrelevant Comments

You can easily tell if an account is spammy by looking at the comments it makes. Whereas some bots are designed to make the account appear genuine, their comments will lack substance or context. Most of these accounts will leave a trail of emojis as comments or keep commenting the same phrases over and over on different posts. In other instances, you will find these accounts leaving insensitive or irrelevant comments that are completely out of context.

Follower count

The majority of fake accounts have minimal to zero followers. That is because these accounts are generated for a specific purpose. They do not care about whatever goes on in the Instagram community; they are there just for the numbers.

Sudden leap in followers

It’s common to see an account with less than a hundred followers hit more than a hundred followers in just a matter of days. Such a sudden spike is a clear indication that the growth is not organic.  That tells you that the account is spammy and such followers are inorganic.


Knowing how to differentiate real followers from fake followers will help you evaluate the impact of your marketing campaign. If a majority of your followers are fake accounts, then all your marketing efforts will be futile. That is because fake followers have no interest in what you are offering and cannot help your brand in any way.