Continuous Injket Printer Maintenance Tips

Like any other printer, continuous inkjet printers need to be handled properly to ensure optimal performance. Inkjet printers are often neglected because they are naturally problem-free. Although continuous  inkjet printers are a great asset for every office, they can become problematic when left unattended. Some maintenance tasks such as print head alignment and cleaning of the nozzles can be completed through the printer’s drivers, others must be initiated by the owner. Here are some rules that you need to follow to keep your CIJ printer in good shape.

Continuous Use

To maintain a clean print head, use your CIJ printer regularly. This will ensure that no ink debris settles in the print head. If you are used to black and white prints, occasionally print a color page to ensure that all the cartridge continue to work properly.

Proper Storage

Do not place your CIJ printer all over. Not every open place is safe for storage. Spot a level surface that is free from dust.  Do not place the printer or any other electronic device next to the window due to the fluctuating temperatures.

Clean the Head

Your CIJ printer, like any other machine needs to be cleaned to function optimally. Allowing dust to build up on the machine, or ink to dry up inside the printer results in poor quality printing. Use a damp cloth or a vacuum cleaner to clean the printer parts. Do not introduce moisture inside your printer as this could affect performance. If your continuous inkjet printer does not improve after performing several head cleans, it may be due for replacement. NeedhamCoding has several CIJ printer options that you can choose from.

Use the Right Cartridge

For every printer type, there are several cartridges to select from. Always go for original ink manufactured by reliable manufacturers instead of fake ink, which can damage your machine. In case you cannot afford, use compatible inks made from recycled cartridges as these are able to produce the same results as original inks. Do not run your cartridges until they dry up.

The Right Paper

Printing on poor quality paper can cost you a lot by destroying your print head and rollers. Use branded printing paper for your CIJ printer.

In Conclusion

Although most CIJ printers have a self-cleaning function that can be easily activated, you may decide to do this manually. Always fix any mechanical errors as they occur. Before performing any of the above tasks, turn your printer off to prevent any further damage.