Grooming Tips Your Barber Can Never Tell You

Have you ever wished you could trim your beard the way your barber does? It takes time for you to achieve the unique routine that makes your beard perfect for a day out with the guys or a date.

Let us look at how you can tame the unsightly beard without taking the trip to the barber.

The Perfect Pre-shave

The pre-shave involves preparing and conditioning the beard to improve the shaving routine. The right pre-shave is the difference between looking like a male model or a 14-year old that has had his first razor encounter.

As beards grow, they become coarse and bristly. This makes it hard to achieve the perfect shave that you so dream of. This shouldn’t be the case though – it is vital that you moisturize your beards before you start snipping away.

Pre-shave creams contain essential oils that soften and condition the bristles before you can apply shaving cream. You can also use beard oils that are meant specifically for this task.

This oil reduces irritation and prevents razor burns. It also helps provide a base for the shaving cream.

Use the Right Shaving Cream

The right shaving cream helps smoothen the hair so that your razor can have a frictionless glide. The natural soothing agents found in the cream prevent irritation and leaves your skin smooth.

Never Trim When Wet

Wet hair looks longer and is heavier on the blades. Before you use the blade, you need to make sure the hair is dry enough. Let the beard dry entirely before you can start shaping it. Wet hair also fools you into thinking that the hair on one side is longer than the other. For more tips on handling different kinds of hair, visit Manly Matters today.

Always Check for Progress

You should make it a habit to check what you have achieved before you can move on to the next step. After every pass with the razor, you need to take a step back and check the overall effect. Think of shaving as trimming a hedge. If you trim without monitoring the effects, you end up with a hedge that is out of proportion. Make sure you go slow and use a light hand each time.

Maintain a Low Neckline

Many guys go too high on the neckline and end up looking ridiculous. Make sure you keep the neckline at the right level using controlled snips. Add the right styling, and you have what you need to look glamorous.

In Closing

The best way to stay neat is to maintain a clean cut. You can do this using the right tools and techniques that your barber can never tell you.

What To Look For In A Twitter Automation And Growth Service

Just like any other social media platform, the use of automation is necessary when it comes to leveraging your growth and engagement on Twitter. Hundreds of third-party applications are specifically designed for this purpose and identifying a good one may be a daunting task. Let us look at some of the attributes you should look for when selecting the best Twitter automation service.

Automatic Following

For a Twitter bot or automation software to be rated among the best, it should be capable of automatically finding people and following them.  The application should make it possible for you to sort your followers and following lists according to certain demographics such as location, niche, and popularity. This gives you an idea of who is worth following and who is relevant to your brand or business. A good bot should also provide a way through which you can identify new people to follow in a process that is quick, effortless, and requiring very little or no input from you.

Effective Post Scheduling

With an automation bot or company of your choice, you should be able to schedule your tweets in advance so as to remain consistent. The application should determine the best time to tweet and engage with your followers. A more advanced bot should also be able to customize any content to fit your follower’s interests. You can find some of the best bots with this feature at Fred Herrington.

Hashtag Use

After automation, you ought to be able to automatically convert your keywords into hashtags. This way, you will easily increase the visibility of your tweets and reach a wider audience. This will translate to a larger following and more engagement.

Performance Analytics

What is the use of an automation application if you are not able to compute your performance benchmarks? A Twitter bot or automation software that allows you to keep tabs with your followers and unlock some insights about your account is an essential tool. It gives you the ability to track your followers and determine the type of content that works for your audience. This way, you are able to satisfy your followers and increase the retention levels.


Whichever tool you purchase needs to mimic human activity. It should be able to mix your content in a way that prevents any suspicion. The process of tweeting, following, and unfollowing needs to flow naturally and your application should be able to do this in a way that is as authentic as possible.

Final Thoughts

Although Twitter bots and automation applications are highly discouraged by some people, they offer a practical way of to promote your brand and attract more followers. The choice of which tool to use squarely depends on you.